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Ahh gaming and phones, who knew that the 2 would go together hand in hand (No pun intended). As it turns out in our fast passed society having quick and instant access to games has become more important than ever. With the invention of the smart phone you can now play 100,00 different games with just a few simple clicks. Pretty incredible right? Even more impressive are the graphics, these tiny little devices are packing some serious power. 

As impressive as all of this is, for the most part… well the games are pretty basic really. They can be fun and super addicting but they don’t require a whole lot of coordination to be good at them, in actual fact they can be quite mind numbing. I guess that’s what they are designed for? Pass the time while waiting for your next meeting, waiting for friends or my personal favourite killing time at work. It became a joke with the staff at my worksite when the bosses weren’t around, anyone carrying a charger were doing it for one soul purpose, to play games all day long without killing their phone. Not a very effective tool to have around the workplace but we can get into that discussion another time.

What we do like to pride ourselves on are the fact that gaming gives you a set of skills that can be applied to real life as crazy as that sounds. Eye hand coordination is more than tapping a screen or swiping a finger. It involves most of your fingers on both hands working at the same buttons. You need to remember combos, come up with strategies, learn to deal with failing (Spoiler – Not everyone is a winner guys, life is gonna hit you hard so prepare yourself). In general there is a lot more going on than meets the eye. Some games can be boring or mind numbing and that is ok, even the phone games are ok but they can’t be solely relied upon. Games make you smarter and more skilled when they challenge you, test you, that is the whole point. If I finish the level first time without dying or a set back I’m disappointed. What’s the point?

Games on Mobile Phones

Failing at a phone game isn’t quite the same, you haven’t had to work for it or load up on potions etc. It’s tapping a screen and when you think about it (this might blow your minds) if there was no picture on that phone at all and you could look at yourself from another point of view you would be staring and randomly tapping at a blank phone screen sitting on a bench, leaning against a wall etc……doesn’t sound too fun now does it.

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